At HammerTime Commerical Auctions, you‘re going to get our personal attention and respect. Whether you‘re consigning or registering as a buyer, it‘s your best interests that we have in mind. We want everyone to walk away knowing you got a great deal, and we want you to come back again, onsite or online!

ONSITE – We hold monthly auctions, all year long. We organize our auctions to last between 2-4 hours, so you don’t have to stand around for 8-10 hours waiting to bid on something. Our auctions are designed for you.

ONLINE – Our auctions are securely accessible from anywhere in the world, through Through our online link, you can see and hear the action, and bid just like you would in person.

We offer a professional end to end service, from rebuilding or repair to logistics (be it International or Local) and even finance.

We’ll put your machinery in front of an eager crowd of serious buyers. We have a talent for knowing how best to sell. We make it easy to consign, from one piece to an entire fleet.

HammerTime Commercial Auctions is locally owned and operated by hardworking, enthusiastic professionals. Our dedication provides a top-notch buying and selling experience, making the entire process easy for both our buyers and sellers. Our professionals have decades of experience in sales, auctions and live event promotions. We have what it takes to help in all your buying and selling needs. 

Our customers know that we always do as promised, or better.
HammerTime is built on honesty and reliability.